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A "Chance" Meeting

While Trevor was hospitalized for his colostomy surgery, a man approached me in the waiting room and asked if he could pray for my son. Of course I willingly obliged.  We knew nothing about the family and what they were going through, but we were comforted by their willingness to pray for Trevor. Not long after, a doctor had entered the waiting room to speak with the man who had prayed for Trevor and the parents of the little girl he was there for, about their daughter who had been in surgery. The girl’s surgery was supposed to take six hours and after only one hour, they were a bit concerned to be hearing from the doctor so soon.  

As Trevor’s excruciating pain continued it led to further hospital stays. It was during one of those hospital stays when we were once again reacquainted with this girl’s family. Trevor was screaming in pain and the girl’s mother came across the hall to Trevor’s room and offered to pray for him. I had shared my frustration that even after the surgeries, that Trevor was still not cured.  She asked me if I had ever thought about anything natural. I told her I didn’t believe anything natural would work when we had already tried everything medically and nothing had given Trevor the relief from his constant pain. I reluctantly took down the doctor’s name and contact information on a piece of scrap paper.  

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