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Allow me to begin by saying… 
I am not a medical doctor and I do not treat or diagnose any illness or disease. I am also not a licensed medical professional in the state of Pennsylvania or any other territory. The information I provide is for educational purposes on the subject of health matters. The information is intended for the best possible state of health and does not involve the diagnosing, prognosticating, treatment, or prescribing of remedies for the treatment of diseases.


I have graduated from The International School of Detoxification and earned the certification of Detoxification and Health Counselor.  I offer consultations and protocol workups in person or over the phone.* Additionally I stock the herbs at my place of business for your convenience and I can ship them directly to you if a pick-up is inconvenient.  

All consultations and herb pick-ups will be conducted by appointment ONLY. Contact us to schedule your appointment.  A 24-hour notice for cancellation of appointments is required or you will be charged the full fee.

*Phone consultations require a credit card payment to begin the call.

PLEASE NOTE: You must email or fax BOTH the Health Questionnaire AND the Trevor’s Love, Inc. Agreement Form prior to your appointment.  These documents can be downloaded from the buttons provided to the right.


Initial Consultation- Phone or Skype: 1 person, $125

Initial Consultation- Phone or Skype: 2 people, $100 each

Initial IN-PERSON Consultation: 1 person, $150

Initial IN-PERSON Consultation: 2 people, $115 each

Protocol Re-evaluation (after initial 6-week protocol): $100

One hour follow-up consultation: $75

Phone Calls after initial consultation: $40 for 30-minute call*

*ALL phone calls will incur minimum charge of $40 and increase for every 30 minute increment thereafter.

Clients must have an appointment to receive their next 6-week protocol, which allows Tamara to reassess how the client is doing and how to properly recommend the new protocol based on their progress.

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