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Family History

To dig deeper into our family’s history, it wasn’t just Trevor that was sick. Our first son was hospitalized a lot.  We had doctored him with medicines, he had sphincters cut in his colon and he was on every medication possible for GI issues. The next step was to have an ACE procedure where they stick a tube in his stomach to his intestines which I manually have to empty for the rest of his life. 

Our second son was born and released without a bowel movement on a Saturday. I took him to the pediatrician Monday morning because he still had not had a bowel movement. Thank God the pediatrician had also doctored my first son and called the NICU at a local hospital. They told me to take him there and not register him because they didn’t know how much time we had.  When I got to the NICU, they took him out of my arms and immediately started testing. A few hours later, they told my husband and I that our son had Colonic Atresia, a complete disconnect between the large and small intestine. We had about ten hours and it would have taken his life. He underwent immediate surgery and had a colostomy done. He had this for a few months and then had it reversed. He had RSV three times as an infant and had asthma really bad. He was characterized as “failure to thrive” at one year old and was constantly sick.    

Both of my first two children had auto-immune deficiencies and were on antibiotics and steroids frequently and nothing seemed to heal them. So after Trevor had passed away and my other 2 boys still being sick, my husband and I agreed we could not continue to go down the allopathic way. We have since taken the “natural route” and it has completely changed our lives.  How your body can heal itself with proper nutrition and herbs is truly phenomenal. Our children were on a host of medications for reflux, constipation, asthma and now they are on NO medications whatsoever. They have regular bowel movements every day, we are not at the doctor 3 times a week anymore and they are completely different children. It is sad that Trevor had to pay the price for getting his brothers healthy. We will forever miss him and be grateful for him, because in 9 ½ short months he changed the world for us and has helped a lot of local people on healing their bodies naturally. 

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